Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Downloads in triplicate!

You know how they say bad luck comes in threes?  Well today I am happy to announce that good luck also comes in threes.  You have to have yin to your yang don't you? 

The other day I stumbled across two artists whose music grabbed me and wouldn't let me go until the song was over.  As it turns out both of these items were available as name-your-price downloads from the bands' respective bandcamp pages, so I promptly downloaded them.  Upon doing so, I found that one of the bands had recommended another artist that sounded interesting.  I happened to enjoy that one as well.

Three new artists in a day?  Pretty good luck.  Let's start with the first.

Kigo-For some reason i didn't get into this group much when I first heard of them a couple weeks ago.  A blog I frequently read had posted about their new EP and I liked the cover art, but i didn't find the music impressive enough to download.  Or course that changed when I listened to a second track from the EP posted about later in the same blog.  I was floored.  Kigo is one Australian dude who plays dynamic electro-gaze tunes.  We all know about Spc-Eco and M83, but Kigo is entirely different.  He combines fuzzy, distorted guitar instrumentation with pedal effects and massive underpinning of dazzling electronic reverb.  If you like shoegaze or alternative rock, you will love Kigo.  Check out their EP here.

Germany Germany-Who wouldn't half-expect this artist to be from Germany? That's what I thought.  I like German artists on average much more than I like Canadian artists.  Germany Germany is actually from Canada.  The style of music here is down tempo, spatial ambient music with tinges of dream pop to give it a more urgent feel.  Those two styles wouldn't seem to mesh well, but Germany Germany pulls it off with such aplomb that it is difficult to not be impressed.  This was much better than average.  Take a listen to their newest album below.

Arrange-I have known about this Portland-based musician for quite some time, but I never really gave much thought to listening to his music.  His latest album came to me on a recommendation from Germany Germany.  It seemed unlikely that I would enjoy it, but I listened anyway.  His new album, "Plantation" blew me away.  Complete with emotional, understated vocals and a sterile world of eerie ambiance, this record was a fantastic listen.  The genre classification here would be best suited as ambient pop, but the pop stylings are very subtle.  Instead of being bouncy, this album takes on a surreal feeling of melancholy and anger.  Such depressing tunes can be maddening to listen to for a long time, but the tracks are short and varied enough to retain interest throughout.  Check out "Plantation" below.  As always, thanks for reading and enjoy!