Thursday, July 11, 2013

An update on musical happenings etc

Hello, all!

We realize we have not updated this blog in ages.  There are actually some valid reasons and some not so valid reasons for this.  First, life has been extraordinarily busy these last few months.  Balancing overtime at the day job with travel and preparing for father (and mother) hood is a difficult chore for anyone to handle.  But the biggest reason is this:


Yours Truly is hard at work on a brand new novel.  The new novel, currently untitled is a sequel to Era Sinistra, which we have mentioned a time or two on this blog.  This time the journey is more personal for Reggie St. Clair.  Eleven years ago, the man responsible for the height of Reggie's turmoil escaped.  Now 17 years old, his daughter has turned up missing.  The villain Art Rassine quickly emerges as the prime suspect.  Now Reggie must risk everything to find Rassine and rescue his daughter before it's too late!

With all that having been said, exactly what are we up to in the music world?  I have been listening to lots of new music.  I have at least a dozen new albums ready to review.  Hopefully I will get one posted next week.

I have also been compiling a best-of-2013 so far list of the many albums I have enjoyed so far this year.  There are some fantastic albums on that list.  We have talked about a few of these albums already.  I have not yet decided if I will publicly announce this list, as it is ever-changing with new releases.

Lastly, there are a few highly anticipated albums to be released in the near future.  Here are some we are most looking forward to: Deadlock, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Within Temptation.  Hopefully there will be many more. 

Alas, I am out of words.  But we will see you here next week with a brand new album review!  As always, huge thanks for reading and enjoying what we have to say.