Thursday, August 30, 2012

Across the Universe Covers

I was riding in the car with my sister a few weeks ago and we were listening to her i-pod.  We were listening to the music in alphabetical order.  This seemed weird to me but she said it mixed things up a little bit.  So as we were riding around I heard the song Across the Universe by Fionna Apple come on.  After that song ended a second version of it came on by Jim Sturgess.  This gave me an idea.  So for the next few blogs I am going to let you compare and contrast some of the different covers I have found to some of my faviorite songs.  I hope you enjoy them. 

So first up is Across the Universe origionally written and performed by John Lennon.  His version of this song is a classic.  He used his voice as the main focus of the song and doesn't bring in a lot of loud insturments that are going to drown him out.  It just sounds like classic John Lennon if that makes any sense.  The second version of this song is from Fionna Apple.  Her cover of this song has a blusey feeling to it.  I really like her spin on it.  It is very clean and clear.  The last version is Jim Sturges from the movie Across the Universe.  In this movie they actually cover a lot of beatles songs because that is the point of the movie.  I really like his cover too.  He brings in more instruments to back up his voice.  I love that they chose the chello because it adds depth to this song.  All three versions of this song are amazing!! Check them out and let us know what you think.-Kristy

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