Monday, August 20, 2012

Crawling Back To You by Daughtry

Today I forgot my I-Pod and so I had to listen to the radio as I was running errands.  It's a good thing because I got to hear Daughtry's new single Crawling Back To You.  I realize that for Daughtry fans this song is 7 months old and it's not new to you but I was excited to hear it.  I am a rocker at heart.  Not a hard rocker and not a classic rocker but I just enjoy music that has guitar and drums.  I love turning up the radio and feeling the music pulsing.  So as I do with most of the rock music I hear I cranked it up in my car.  I really like Daughtry's voice and he hasn't changed his sound since his first album came out.  I love that after five years he has kept to his sound and hasn't conformed to what others might want him to sound like.  Not only is is voice amazing but I enjoyed the lyrics to this song and the rhythm and beat of the music. I hope you will check it out.-Kristy

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