Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to Think Muzik

Welcome one and all to the music blog to end all music blogs!  Just a quick introduction.  I am Brad Mathews, The Brad Mathews in case you were wondering.  Oh, so you don't know who I am?  I am a mystery and thriller author.  You can check out some of my books, which we may post about from time to time.  This blog, however, is about another passion we have.  Music.  We love music here.  We think about it all the time.  We write our own songs, imagine catchy hooks and choruses, and more.  We listen to music whenever we get the chance. 

Here at Think Muzik, we like to think outside the box, as a matter of speaking and write about not just one certain style of music, but about every genre we enjoy.  Some of our current interests include pop, mainstream rock, electronica, jazz, blues, contemporary/classical and metal.  Another thing you will notice about us is that we are open minded regarding all music we choose to write about.  We're not going to criticize any music as 'bad' just because we don't like it.  That, after all, is only opinion and is just as valuable as yours.  We welcome all feedback and commentary, but please try to stay somewhat on topic.

We really hope you enjoy your reading experience here and hope you come back often to discover new music.  We hope we get you to Think Muzik while you're here.

-brad & kristy mathews

P.S. We weren't going to make you go tunes free on our first post, were we?  Here's some Enya to whet your appetite.

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