Monday, October 29, 2012

Mist Glider-The Pyroclastic Flow

Recently I have been reading a lot about volcanoes and learning some interesting information that has been new and enlightening to me.  I'm a fan of learning if I have the time, and in fact can do it on my own time.  By now I am able to define what a pyroclastic flow is.

A pyroclastic flow is a superheated surge of volcanic gas and rock collectively known as tephra that is emitted during an explosive volcanic eruption.  For two examples, I would point to the 1980 explosion at Mount St. Helens.  That event unleashed a pyroclastic flow that destroyed the nearby forest.  Another, perhaps more pertinent example, would be the infamous event at Mt. Vesuvius which buried the Italian city of Pompeii in ash and rock.

In the interest of not turning this into an educational piece on the awesome power of volcanoes, I will now turn the the music of Mist Glider. 

The newly released album from Mist Glider is an eclectic selection of off-kilter electronic tunes that defies description.  This is music that you have to hear to appreciate.  If you are not a fan of electronic music in general, it is a safe bet to assume that you would not like this album.  This music float across the ears with vivid, pulsing rhythms and atmospheric eruptions of sound that are at the same moment unsettling and startlingly beautiful.  This formations of sound often take on textures of nu-jazz with echoes of ambient music spaced over the mix.  These rhythms are varied enough to never get old, yet stylish enough to be easily predictable so that one can nod in time with the music.

Mist Glider have crafted a deceptive album that somehow sounds exactly like you might expect by admiring the wonderful cover art.  This music is hypnotic and spellbinding.  It would be a great addition to any collection of weird electronic music. 

In some ways this album can be reminiscent of some of Trentemoller's more rhythmic tracks, but in other ways drastically different.  "Pyroclastic Flow" was not at all what I was expecting, yet pleasing and refreshing.  Perhaps the best part about this LP is the fact that all of it is available for free download at soundcloud.  To give you an idea of what you're getting into, I'm including a few of the standout tracks at the end of this post.  Do enjoy!


  1. Nice job Rex, keep up the amazing work.

  2. Nice job Rex, keep up the amazing, intriguing work. Still trying to figure out some of dem song titles!