Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snow Patrol-Fallen Empires (2011)

It is that time of year again, readers.  Tis the season when we sit drinking hot cocoa by the fire waiting for a mythical jolly man in a red suit to come and hope for something Jesus Christ never intended to on his birthday.  Oh, how life would be different if Christmas was still in April. 

It is no secret that I hate snow.  In that light, it is a good thing I live in a climate where it doesn't snow often and usually melts with a day or two.  I detest snow, but there is a band I enjoy called Snow Patrol.  I have just recently gotten a chance to listen to this Scottish band's latest album, released in 2011.  In short, this was a gem I wish I'd discovered a long time ago.

"Fallen Empires" signals a slight change in sound for the band, but they retain their alternative and indie rock roots while reaching toward a more radio-friendly style of sound by incorporating pop hooks with their exceptional melodies. 

The performance on the first half of this album is simply stunning.  The songs are catchy, hooky, and easy to sing to, repeating standard rock melodies through different lyrical lines.  Along with the pop rock choruses, the band also uses alternative instrumentation that involves the use of strings and looped electronic melodies.  Few bands can pull this off as easily as Snow Patrol can which makes "Fallen Empires" a very enjoyable listen. 

Though the second half of the 14-track disc lags with melodies that repeat way too often, there are a few notable ballad-styled gems, such as New York and Symphony. The real standout tracks, however I feel are the title track and a catchy little number entitled This isn't Everything You Are. 

If you like mainstream modern rock with alternative and indie vibes, you will enjoy this disc.  It is a great listen, even for someone like me (who normally steers decidedly away from mainstream musical genres).  Those standout tracks I noted above are embedded below.  Enjoy them and thanks so much for reading.  No go make some flowsnake snowflake doilies.

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