Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Joy Formidable-Wolf's Law review

Today's musical discovery came from the unlikeliest of places.  I was scanning the local news rag and saw a list of mini album reviews from bands I don't really care for--except for The Joy Formidable.  I have been aware of this band and have liked them since they released their EP "A Balloon Called Moaning".  I had no idea they have just released a brand new full-length album.

When discovering indie and alternative rock music, you have to be careful because the genre includes so many styles of music that it is dizzying.  I dislike plenty of indie and alternative rock.  The best practice for me is referencing bands who have influenced a particular artist.

One of the many influences The Joy Formidable mentions is that of shoegaze legends My Bloody Valentine.  That's all you have to see. 

Where "A Balloon Called Moaning" was a remarkable album in its overall scope, "Wolf's Law" sees the band strip away some of the lengthy shoegazing pedal effects in favor of a more mainstream rock sound.  The first several tracks feature various rock hooks backing Ritzy Bryan's fantastic vocals.  This represented a stylistic change that was easier to get over as the album progressed.

The album's sound fills in nicely towards the end and the last four tracks are some truly epic rock tunes with a huge variety of sounds, including string arrangements.  This disc caught me as somewhat underwhelming considering the band's earlier work, but the final tracks easily made up for that with impressive rock beats and soaring melodies.  I know I say this a lot, but this is truly music you must hear. 

Lucky for you, we have the full album stream via the band's Soundcloud page here.  I recommend skipping to midway through the album and paying close attention to the last four tracks.  This is some of the best alternative/indie rock I have heard in a long time.  Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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