Monday, March 25, 2013

New music from Sigur Ros & Public Transport

Yes, we got new music to share today!  This post is going to just be a brief introduction to the music, after which we will let the tunes speak for themselves.  We love to find new and exiting artists around here, but sometimes familiar artists release new music that you just have to hear, so we like to share that with you as well.  Today you are in for a treat because we have the best of both worlds!

Sigur Ros-I have known about this Icelandic post-rock band for quite a while.  My first real experience with them was their latest album, "Valtari", released way back in 2012.  "Valtari was a good album with gobs of memorable piano melodies spaced across minimal, ambient tones.  In short, I found the music to be beautifully appealing.  If there is one thing Sigur Ros seem to excel at, it is surprise.  This band has another new full-length album to be released in June.  After hearing the new track they just uploaded, I'm really excited to get my hands upon the album.  With this song, Sigur Ros, take their music in a fresh direction, adding a harder, darker edge to it.  What results is a most satisfying ambient post rock tune with a dreary, buzzing low-end bass register that is all kinds of tasty.  Check out the new track here:

Public Transport-This is the new artist we are featuring today.  Just recently this instrumental artist released a fantastic track that spans between dream pop and melodic post rock.  The production value on this music is more basic and not drowned in synthetic noises, reverb, or overt distortion.  This is just simple, honest instrumental music.  They create a beautiful atmosphere with this track.  I can't say much more than was I already have said.  Check out the track here and be sure to visit Public Transport's bandcamp page for a name-your-price download of the new EP, plus more great tunes.  As always, thanks for listening and enjoy!

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