Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bowling For Soup and the Beu Sisters

Today I am going to blog about two bands that start with the letter B.  Obviously there are way to many to choose from so I decided I would worite about bands that mabye you haven't heard of.  So today I am going to start with Bowling For Soup.  These guys started singing punk rock in 1994.  They had a couple chart topping singles like Punk Rock 101 and The Girl All The Bad Guys Want.  I like these guys.  They don't take their music too serioulsy. You can tell when they get together and sing that they just like to have fun and you know state their various oppinions about the world around them.  This band plays really fun pop/punk music.  It just makes you smile because some times it is so outrageous.  The first song that I have for you is Running From Your Dad. This song is on their cd Drunk Enough To Dance.   The first time I heard this song I laughed so hard.  It hillarious.  The music and the lyrics are extremly catchy.  Here it is.

The second song I chose from BFS is A Hole and yes this word is in the song.  This song is from their album A Hangover You Don't Deserve.  I like this song.  Again it's really catchy and I like the lyrics.  I didn't expect to though since they use the A word.  Again it's music you don't take seriously but actully really enjoy. This song has a great beat and I like the guitar, it's easy to follow. So give it a chance :)

The last song I chose is a little more serious.  Out of no where this punk band writes a great ballad and I love it.  The opeining guitar is amazing and the vocals are crystal clear. I think the more you listen to it the more you get from the lyrics.  I think they are pretty deep.  This song is also from thier cd Drunk Enough To Dance.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The choice of finding a female band that starts with the letter B was a little hard for me.  As I looked through my music I found out that I like a lot of eighties girl bands like Bananarama and the Bangles.  Not that these bands aren't great but I wanted to give the Beu Sisters your attention.  They are a group of sisters from Florida who started singing together in an acapella group and released their first CD in 2002.  They record a lot of music for various soundtracks like Disney's Home On The Range and How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days.  These sisters write 2/3 of their music together and have opened shows for Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken.  The first song I chose is the single from Home On The Range.  It's entitled Anytime You Need A Friend.  I like the song the lyrics are powerful and always make you stop and think about the ones you love.  They have beautiful voices and they harmonize so well.  Listen to Anytime You Need A Friend below. 

 Unfortunately I am unable to find any more of their music on a website that will allow me to share it with you. They sell their music on I-tunes so gives some of their tracks a listen and see what you think especailly What Do You Do In The Summer When It's Raining. This is my favorite song from them and I wish I could have shared it with you. Check it out :) Thanks for reading and enjoy-Kristy

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  1. Brad, Check out there is a load of current material and videos for you to share. They have just been nominated for the Artists in Music Award, in 3 categories, Best Pop Artist, Best Producers and Best Video (2) of their videos (self produced) were nominated. They have come a long way in talent since their Disney days. They are Indy Artists producing albums and projects under their own label "Beach Breakz Records".Check out their Facebook BEU SISTERS page. Thanks for the shout out.