Tuesday, October 9, 2012

AFI and Avril Lavigne

I was again suffering insomnia like I always do and so I was listening to my I-Pod.  I was thinking to myself about what music I would like to blog about.  I was pondering about all of the great artists that I have and wondered if I had to choose just one artist from every letter of the alphabet what my favorites would be.  So I'm going to share them with you.  I don't have a lot of new music because I tend to follow my favorite bands around so some of this might be really familiar to you.  I just think that it is fun to go back and listen to the music that you kind of forget about.  So I have two choices whose bands or names start with the letter A.  I decided to go with one female and one male. I wanted to share two or three songs from each.  I wanted to do this because artists grow over the years and their sound can change so here they are.

Avril Lavigne.  Avril started singing in 1999. I remember the first time I heard Complicated.  I had to run out and buy that Cd.  I've been a fan ever since.  Avril sings songs with catchy melodies and fun pop music.  The first track that I want to share with you is Slipped Away from her album Under My Skin.  This song is  beautiful and meaningful in many ways.  Avril dedicated this song to her Grandfather after his death.  Please listen to it below.

The second track I chose is Alice.  Avril recorded this track for Tim Burton's film Alice in Wonderland.  I though that this track was an interesting twist from the song above.  This song is kind of loud and in your face but it's great.

The last track I would like to share comes from her latest album Goodbye Lullaby.  This CD is a little more mellow than her previous albums and so the music is about more serious topics.  I chose the song 4Real.  I like this song.  It has beautiful lyrics and Avril's vocals are fantastic.  I also really like that this girl can play her own guitar.  I hope you enjoy it.

For my other artist I choose the musical styling of AFI (A Fire Inside).  I must tell you that the first time I heard this group I wasn't really a fan.  We used to get into trouble playing this band at work because my boss hated it.  But the more I listened to it the more it grew on me.  The lyrics to these songs are actually brilliant.  I think that Davey Havok and the others who help him write their music are amazing.  AFI has been together since 1991.  They have replaced a few of their members over the years but have retained their original sound.  Here is Silver and Cold from their album Sing the Sorrow.  I love this song because of the great intro.  I love how they used the sound of the rain and then the soft piano followed by the guitar and the drums I also like that this is one of their songs where you can understand all the lyrics.  This is one of their slower songs and I think that Davey has a really nice voice and so it's nice to see that come out.

The second song I chose is Prelude 12 21.  It's just a really short intro or "Prelude" to their album Decemberunderground but it's so fun and catchy.  This song is a perfect introduction to this album.  Listen to it below.

My third choice for them is The Missing Frame.  This song is also on Decemberunderground.  I like this track.  I think that it is upbeat and has a great vibe.  I like the guitar and the fast pace of this song.  Keep in mind that there are so many great songs from AFI and if you like songs that are a little harsher in vocals check out their Cd's because they truly have something for everyone I just happen to like the more mellow of their songs.  Thanks for Listening and enjoy-Kristy

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