Thursday, October 4, 2012

Deftones and Verses new singles

Today I decided to review a couple of songs from artists that I don't normally listen to.  So the first song is from the band Verses.  I have never heard of them before.  As soon as the song started I was totally into it.  Sadly I have no information on this band. I know that they are a band from the UK and have a few songs available for download from I-Tunes. The website that I heard this song from says this is their debut song from their album Come To Life.  It comes out on the 10th I am really considering purchasing this album if the rest of the tracks sound like this one.  This song has a great guitar intro.  It has the great drum line that your favorite songs have and great intro vocals.  The lyrics of the song are great.  It's all about accepting the things that have happened to you because that is what makes you who you are.  Check out Who We Are from Verses below.  P.S. if you have any information about this band please let me know.  Thanks :)

The next song that I would like to review is Tempest by the Deftones.  The Deftones are an alternative band that came out it 1988.  This band has many different albums and you have heard a lot of their songs on movie soundtracks.  Tempest is a new single off of their upcoming album Koi No Yokan due out on the 13th of November.  This song has a great suspenseful intro.  It kind of beckoned me to listen to listen to it.  I did and I liked it.  This song has great guitar riffs and vocals from their lead singer Chino Moreno.  Check it out. 

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  1. I love the track from The Deftones. They are usually hit or miss with me, and it seems like the new album may be a good one. They are one of the best alt-metal bands there is, and I love Chino Moreno's vocals.