Monday, October 1, 2012

If You Were Here Thompson Brothers cover

For my post today I decided to blog about the cover to the 80's hit from the Thompson Brothers If You Were Here.  Most of you will remember this as the theme song to the movie Sixteen Candles.  I love this song.  It was released on the third album from Quick Step and Side Kick in 1985.  This British new wave band had a few popular songs and ultimately broke up in 1993.  If You Were Here is such a great song.  First of all the symphonics in this song are amazing.  I can't imagine this song any other way.  It makes this song sound so romantic, which is kind of funny because if you listen to the lyrics it really isn't at all.  That being said, this song is still an iconic hit from the 80's so please take a second and check  it out below.

When the movie Easy A came out I heard a familiar song.  The Cary Brothers covered If You Were Here for this movie.  The Cary Brothers started singing in 2003.  They have two studio albums but they focus more on getting exposure through hit films and TV shows.  They covered this song in 2010.  I like the cover of this song.  It starts out a little differently because they drop the symphonic part of this song but they make it work.  The vocals are louder and more in your face than in the regular version but I don't think that this is a bad thing.  I think for it being a couple of decades after this song originally came out that it's the best way to make it modern and more appealing to people who have never heard it.  So here is the cover to Thompson Twins If You Were Here.

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