Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brand X Music and Jack Trammell

Good afternoon, readers.  Today's post is going to be similar to our randomness posts where we take new music we have not heard before and give it a quick review.  Today I am going to review two artists whom I have heard before, in a sense.

I first discovered Brand X Music and Jack Trammell when I was listening to Two Steps from Hell and other similar music.  Both of these artists produce epic trailer music.

Let's start with Brand X.  I first noticed the cover of this artists' new public album on Amazon and decided that, based on how much I was digging Two Steps from Hell, I might enjoy Brand X.  I was right.  Brand X is indeed similar, but differs in small ways.  Most compositions on this album, "The Best of Brand X Music", are short epic pieces ranging from sullen and serene emotions to loud, complex and heavy pieces incorporating drums and highly distorted electric guitar.  This diversity shows on the album's first track and carries on throughout a spectacular landscape covering 23 tracks.  The production quality is exceptional and the compositional competency of the writers is breathtaking.  Take a chance on Brand X below.

Continuing on the similar vein of trailer music, we'll take a look at Jack Trammell's new disc, "Pillars of Creation".  The album cover seems to convey a dark, spacey feel to the music, which I think fits accurately.  Similar to Brand X in style, Trammell uses powerful string melodies mixed with distorted electric guitars and drums to bring a hard rock and metal feel to the music, all while maintaining the epic grandeur that defines trailer music as a genre.  Trammell uses vocals sparingly to highlight the contours of the complex melodies and punchy rock rhythms.  Check out the following track from a TV spot for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Below.  Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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