Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Downloads from Handlingnoise and FPRF

You've heard the saying that the best things in life are free.  If you have not--well, you just did.  There is no downside to downloading albums that come with a price tag of free.  And we like to unearth these gems just for you.  Once in a while we find free stuff we just have to share.  Call it one of our irregular features here at ThinkMuzik. 

We'll start with the new self-titled debut from Finland's Handlingnoise.  This is an eclectic styled band that produces ambient post-rock music flush with noise and occasionally pounding percussion.  Post-rock is a genre of music that can be played numerous ways.  In this regard, it can be much like contemporary music as far as composition construction goes.  Handlingnoise blends beautiful and harmonious post-rock ambiance with startling noise and heavy percussion.  It is a delight to listen to.  The best thing about it, of course, is that it is downloadable for free from Handlingnoise's bandcamp page.  It is a name-your-price download, so if you should choose to toss a few bucks the band's way, they would greatly appreciate it.  I would have done so, but PayPal and I do not get along.  Check out a new the album below!

Our second item of pricelessness comes from FPRF.  This is a four-piece musical project out of Russia.  They perform progressive rock tunes with a strong leaning towards post-rock, shoegaze, and electronics.  The compositions form a delicate balance between these styles of music.  This combination works exceptionally well, never creating obvious transition points that turn off listeners.  It is exciting to find new bands not afraid to take chances on the music they are passionate about.  There is no doubt about the passion behind FPRF's music.  To download this album for free, go this website and click the highlighted 'free' link in the text.  This is a safe download, so don't hesitate.  Check out the full stream of the album via FPRF's bandcamp page below.  Thank you for listening and enjoy!

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