Monday, November 12, 2012

I Will Never Be The Same and Imogen Heap

For my post today I want to focus on two of my favorite bands that start with the letter I.  We are slowly making our way through my favoriets on my I-pod.  As always I have chosen one male artist and one female artist.  Today's lucky picks are I Will Never Be the Same and Imogen Heap.  Ladies first.

Imogen Heap is a successful British born singer and song writer; she also is the other partner in the band Frou Frou.  She has been singing since 1997.  You might have heard some of her work in various movie soundtracks like The Holiday, Garden State, and The Chronicals of Narnia.  The first song that I chose to share for you is from Goodnight and Go wich is actually just a single's album with a couple songs on it.  The song I chose is Speeding Cars.  I liked this song because it is different.  First of all I love her voice.  She is such a great soprano.  I like how she starts low and then creeps up to her upper register.  I liked the simplicity of this song.  I enjoy the piano in this song.  I also enjoy the lyrics quite a bit.  I think that they could help any one looking for hope.  I hope you will give this song a listen its beautiful.

The second song that I chose from her is Just For Now and it appears on the Speak For Yourself album.  This song makes an appearence in the movie the Holiday which is where I first heard it.  Again she takes my breath away with her angelic voice.  I really like the use of electronics in her music.  I think that she is one of few artists who know how to use it to enhance her music instead of using it to make up for poor vocals.  If you like what you have heard I encourage you to check out the rest of her music it's all great.

And now we switch gears to the band I Will Never Be The Same.  This is a synth-rock electonic band that started singing in 2008.  I first heard this band as I was rifling through my husbands music.  I listened to a couple tracks and was hooked.   The first song that I selected to play for is a called This Will All Be Over Soon off their Tornado's album.  First off this song has a very catchy into with electronic drums and the guitar.  The lead vocals for this band are amazing.  John Atchley is an amazing vocalist.  This song has major vibes and I just think it's one of those songs that you can play when you're feeling down and it will lift your spirits.  Please check it out below.

The second song I chose is Cry Little Sister and yes this is a remake of the popular song by Gerald Mcmann off the Lost Boys Soundtrack.  This song appears on their album Standby.  I am aware of how hard it is to remake such a classic and iconic song but Josh does it justice.  His vocals are so dark and then uplifting its such a heady and weird combination that I find myself loving it.  Again as soon as the song starts you just get into the strange vibe of what this song is about.  What more can I say this is an amazing remake and to me even better than the origional.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.  Thank you so much for reading and enjoy some great music-Kristy

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