Friday, November 16, 2012

Randomness: The Birthday Massacre and Jo Blankenburg

We've got the randoms again today.  What, two days in a row?  For some reason we just can't shake the Amazon syndrome lately.  We've gone crazy listening to music from artists we've never heard before.  If you know of a cure to this syndrome, please dial 1-800-EAT AMAZ immediately.

Sarcasm aside, let's get to looking at the firsts of our artists today.  The Birthday Massacre has a silly, but somewhat threatening name.  Their album covers all seem to be equally ridiculous.  Still, their latest, "Hide and Seek," is an eye-catcher.  I listened to roughly the first 45 seconds of a couple of tracks, so I still don't exactly know what I'm getting into.  The first seemed to be a funky symphonic/pop/electronica song with an interesting take on epic atmospheres created through orchestral keys.  The vocals are just as interesting.  The second song begins as a more metal-driven song with those epic keys backing it up.  While simple, my descriptions will have to do, because
I haven't heard much of what I'm writing about.  What I did hear I liked.  Check out these two tracks from "Hide and Seek."

If you are in the mood for some more epic musicianship in the vein of what we talked about in yesterday's post, you are invited to listen to some of Jo Blankenburg's latest music.  This music is film-inspired, but not a true soundtrack.  She fills in plenty of orchestral goodness with modern sounding percussion remarkably.  The album cover was also an eye-catcher (hmm, there seems to be a trend developing here).  If you like film music, "Elysium" is for you.  Check out a couple of tracks from Blankenburg's new effort below.  As always, thanks for reading and enjoy!

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