Monday, December 3, 2012

New tunes from Jessica Bailiff and Mutiny Within

Today's new music post is going to cover two completely different artists, both of which just happen to have new material either already released or in the pipeline. 

When one thinks of solo shoegaze artists, he or she needs only to reference Jessica Bailiff.  Bailiff released her new album "At the Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky" a few months ago.  This release not only caught her fans by surprise, but her record label as well.  Bailiff has a low, melancholic voice on this song, which helps to define the music as hers, as opposed to Tamaryn.  This song is similar in style to Tamaryn in that it incorporates looping reverb passages throughout its lower tempo.  It is pretty repetitive, but this does not have a chance to get old, as the song is less than four minutes long.  This is an interesting track to say the least, and the cover art is outstanding!  Check out Take Me to the Sun (So Warm, So Ready) below.

Mutiny Within is, at first glance, nothing more than another American metalcore outfit, but this label is ingenuous at best.  Atypical of most metalcore in that it uses mostly clean vocals with a few accentual screams, this is a good track that shows decent growth from the band's previous releases.  Mutiny Within has a new record called "Synchronicity" coming soon, and this track debuted just the other day at The NewReview.  While the NewReview page has apparently been taken down, the soundcloud link still exists.  Unfortunately this track does not have an embed option.  To listen to the new track, Embers, go here.  Sorry for the brief nature of this post.  We will return with more substance tomorrow.  Until then, thanks for reading, and as always, enjoy!

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