Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Keep Shelly in Athens-Our Own Dream

Sometimes you can't really help yourself.  You stumble upon something so outside of your comfort zone and you think to yourself, "I can't believe I'm really listening to this."  But nonetheless, for some reason you can't quite explain, you kind of dig it.

Some months ago I was searching iTunes for some new shoegaze to get more into that genre.  I accidentally came across Keep Shelly in Athens.  I liked the album cover and listened to a track or two and decided it was worth purchasing on the spot.  Was it worth it? Absolutely.

The music Keep Shelly in Athens produces is a dreamy blend of pop, shoegaze, chillwave jazz, and even some moments of funky trip-hop.  It was very much not what I expected, but I am happy to announce that this EP exceeded expectations.

Keep Shelly in Athens is a Greek duo that puts out some interesting tunes.  The opener, Lazy Noon, is an an easy chillwave electro-jazz mix.  This sets things up for a few tracks of reverb-heavy electronica that managae to retain the downtempo chillwave feel.  True jazz influences creep into the album now and again, including a nifty little horn section in Diy

Later in the EP is when things get even more eclectic, and the trip hop rythms and rapped vocals join the mix.  No matter how much I dislike rap and hip hop music, I can't help indulging in these tracks.

Our Own Dream does an excellent job of keeping the listener entertained with their varied influences.  Here's hoping for more good things to come from this duo.  Listen to Diy and Our Own Dream below.

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