Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dead Can Dance-Amnesia

World music can often leave much to be desired, even amongst casual listeners, so when you hear a veteran duo record and album that can rouse even passionate music fans, you know you have an excellent release.

Australia's Dead Can Dance have done just that.  Thier first new album in more than a decade is set to be released on August 13.  I have not had an opportunity to listen to the entire album, so I will talk a little bit about the single Amnesia.

This track is a hauntingly gorgeous piece that is loaded with melodic symphony sounds played (through keyboard) against a lucid backdrop of harmonic vocals and rich reverb.  World music, understandably, is not a genre that can appeal to the masses.  I recommend that you give this piece a listen.  You might just be impressed.  -brad

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  1. I love this. Great choice. By the way, love this idea as a blog!