Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cover of Under Pressure

I'm so excited to blog about this song.  I am a huge Queen fan and Under Pressure is by far one of his best songs.  I love the beat of this track.  It makes me happy every time I hear it.  The music starts and I fall into the groove right away.   I think that this is a really good example of how scatting can be done in a good way.  I hate when musicians try to put it in their music and it's just noise.  I really like that Freddy Mercury has David Bowie joining him on this track.  David Bowie has such a unique voice and a sound that is all his own and when you put the two together its pure genius. 

Kill Hannah has covered this hit by Queen.  It's featured on the Invisible Soundtrack.  Although this version is a little more popish I like the cover.  Nothing is ever gonna be as good as the original but they make a great effort.  I think that the lead singer does a better job portraying Freddy Mercury than this partner who is singing David Bowie's part but I totally dig this song.  I think its so much fun and it's very interesting to see this modern spin on such a classic song.  I encourage you to listen to both of them and let me know what you think. -Kristy

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