Friday, September 7, 2012

Namesake-The Movement

Today's post was going to be about a new song from As I Lay Dying, but then I stumbled across this interesting track from Atlanta's Namesake while looking for the AILD song over at The NewReview

I'm much more impressed with Namesake than I am with AILD.  Don't get me wrong, I like AILD, though their later albums have gotten bland and sounded like same old-same old metalcore. 

Namesake have released the single The Movement, which will be on their new album, Borders & Fences.  The new track is an anthemic modern rock tune that does not fall into the same trap as most newer modern rock bands do.  The repetition isn't overbearing on this song.  Layered vocals form the chorus while keyboards play through the song's underpinnings, creating a spacey atmospheric vibe.  I also am digging the album cover quite a bit. 

Check out their new track below.  It is impressive. 

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