Thursday, September 6, 2012

In My Room Cover

So today the song that I want to discuss is In My Room by The Beach Boys.  This song is a classic released in 1963.  This song is great.  Although this is totally corny I think that the lyrics to the song are very powerful.  Sometimes it is nice to just lock yourself away in the one place that you feel totally comfortable.  It truly is one of the only places where you can be yourself.  I think that is why I connected to this song.  That and my mother heard this song the first time it was released and so I grew up listening to it.  I think the music is soothing.  This is a great group of guys who sing and harmonize really well with each other.  Their sound is just something timeless that you don't hear anymore.

Grant Lee Buffalo covered this song on the Friends TV show soundtrack.  This song was used in a scene with Rachel sitting and looking out the window thinking about Ross because they had just broken up.  This song really hit me again just like the first time I ever heard it.  I think that this cover is tastefully done.  It sounds almost as good as the original.  The artist doesn't make any unnecessary changes.  He adds more guitar and his voice is a little harsher but this cover is great.  I love this song.  Check out this cover especially if you are a fan of the original.-Kristy

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  1. Decent cover although they repeat too much near the end of the song, which is my main beef with the Bleach Boys, and most modern rock for that matter.