Monday, September 17, 2012

Our top Pop artists

Today we are looking at our top Pop artists.  We believe that pop is a wide, sweeping genre of music that can include various styles.  It can also be vague as to what you might consider to be pop music.  I'm not a huge fan of pop music overall, but that doesn't mean there aren't occasional artists or tracks that I enjoy.  Here are my three favorites, whith an honorable mention shout out to the Lemonade Mouth sountrack.

3. Selena Gomez & The Scene.  Yes.  Odd choice.  I get that.  I will also admit that I was watching the Disney Channel when I discovered her.  What, a guy like me can't enjoy a little good-natured humor, even if it is aimed at teens?  This song I have chosen is incredibly catchy and includes a beautiful changeup two thirds of the way through the track.  This track is from "When the Sun Goes Down"

2. Airiel.  Just because an artist is considered pop music does not mean it has to be played on your favorite radio station seven times an hour.  Airiel put together an elctronic blast of reverb-laden dream pop that is both accessible and otherworldly.  That may seem like an odd adjective, but how else do I put it.  This artist loves looping keyboard and vocal lines.  They incorporate shoegaze elements to a good extent.  Check out Funerals from their EP "Kid Games" below.

1. David Bowie.  Bowie has embraced many styles throughout his long and storied career, meshing synth pop sensibilites with electronic experimentation and the occasional stint of glam rock, particularly early in his career.  The track I have chosen to share with you is from "Heathen".  It is an amazing piece.  Listen to Slow Burn below.

Kristy's list follows.

Today I get to write about a genre that I know a little more about.  As I was browsing the music on my I-pod I noticed that a fare share of them come from pop music.  I did have to laugh and some of the artists that I-tunes listed as pop, but I have chosen some of my favorites.  I am also excited because this is the genre where my ladies shine.  I'm not saying that men don't write great pop music I just think that the ladies are a little more popular and so without further ado here is my list.

3. Kelly Clarkson: Sober.  I've liked Kelly Clarkson ever since she won American Idol in 2002.  I think that she has a rich tone to her voice and she is one of a few artists who writes her own music.  I love this song.  Anyone who has ever dealt with an addiction can relate to this song.  When I first heard this song my addiction was for this guy that I had a crush on and I played this over and over again.  I just think that the melody is beautiful and the lyrics are so powerful.  This song is featured on her album My December.  I hope you like it.

2. Pink:Mean.  I love this song.  First of all I think that Pink's(Alecia Beth Moore) music is awesome.  She can be bad a$& if she wants to or she can write a song that can move you to cry your heart out.  Mean appears on the album FunHouse.  This song has powerful lyrics and beautiful vocals.  I think that this song is meaningful and so it appeals to many different people.  Enjoy. Oh I do need to warn you that this song has a few explicit lyrics.  There is a warning label on the cover of this cd.

1. Avril Lavigne:Hot.  Canadian singer Avril Lavigne broke out onto the music scene in 2002 with her single Complicated.  I have been a fan ever since.  Over the years her music has evolved and become more appealing to larger groups of fans and not just those interested in pop music.  I chose Hot because this song is fun. I love the beat of this song.  I think the lyrics are relateable and it's very catchy.  Plus towards the end of this song the music slow down and we get to hear how sweet Avril's voice actually is.  Check it out below. :)

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