Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Music!

Hello, everyone!  Today I have some new music to share with you!  A few tracks have caught my eye (ears) recently and they are worth sharing with you.  Three new tracks from thre different artists and all of them seem to be standouts in their respective genres.

Io Echo: This new track is a sensational dream pop tune that offeres layered and echoing vocals with synthetic, looping reverb noise.  Check out the new track, Carnation, here:

Mvnich: Space Rock may sound like a cheezy genre, but I find it to be intense and satisfying.  It is similar in some ways to Art Rock and Shoegaze, but, well--spacier.  What it boils down to is vast, echoing atmospherics backing up alternative rock beats.  Mvnich are a Spanish band.  It is wierd but in a good way.  Below are tracks from their latest album.

Victories at Sea:  For this song, I'm including a video.  This is an interesting shoegazing rock tune.  Check it out, as it is worth listening to.  That's all I can say right now without listening to it multiple times and allowing it to sink in. This song is entitled Poles Apart.

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