Sunday, September 23, 2012

Country Top Three Picks

Today I am flying solo.  Brad and I are still listing our top three picks in popular music genres and since Country music is definitely not one of his favorites I will just post my top three.  Let me just start by saying that I hated country music growing up.  In fact I used to give my cousins and friends who listened to country a hard time.  I like most of you who don't appreciate this type of music thought it was all about the cliche of a wife leaving her husband for another man and and she took the dog and oh what is a poor man to do.  Well I am happy to say that today's country does not fill this stereotype anymore.  If it is something to twangy or depressing I'm not going to listen to it, but I find that a lot of country music today is fun and upbeat with some great messages of love and patriotism.  Here are my top three choices for this genre.  It was really difficult to choose only three because this music has really grown on my lately.  Prepare yourselves cause this ain't your daddy's country music :)

3. Miranda Lambert: Dead Flowers.  Miranda come into the music scene in 2001 with her hit Me and Charlie Talking.  Now let me tell you that this little lady is full of "gun powder and lead"(ha one of her songs actually) so her music can have really strong country vocals and accompanying music.  I don't like all of her music but the few that I do like; I really like.  Dead Flowers is my favorite from her.  I think the lyrics are power full and her voice is calm and just enjoyable.  I hope you agree.

2. Jake Owen: Barefoot Blue jean Night.  I usually like the slower country songs because the fast ones are usually cheesy but I really like this song.  This song's got a groove to it that makes you jam along.  I think it's fun, its catchy, and it just makes you feel good.  Jake has been singing since 2006.  He's pretty new to the country music scene and that's why I like him.  His music has a little more rock and less twang which makes me happy.  I look forward to hearing more amazing songs from him in the future.  So enjoy this song and jam along.

1. Blake Shelton: Who Are You When I'm Not Looking.  This song is amazing.  I was not a Blake Shelton fan when he first started releasing music.  It wasn't until his single in 2008 She Wouldn't Be Gone that I thought hmm who is this guy?  I started looking into his music and I like a lot of his later stuff I really enjoy.  This is a love song so naturallyI really like it.  I mean this song strikes a cord with me.  It's mellow and romantic and Blake is really dreamy.  I think since meeting his wife (Miranda Lambert) that he is more tuned to the type of music that women listen to and the result is this song.  Please check it out below.  As always thanks for listening and don't judge today's country music by things that Billy Ray Cyrus or Willie Nelson put out 20 years ago.  This genre is changing and it's my opinion that it's for the better.

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