Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seven Remixes you gotta hear

If you are not familiar with the term 'remix' it is possible you have lived under a rock for the duration of the computer age (just kidding).  For those of you uninitiated, a remix is an original song that another artist rebuilds.  I prefer remixes to covers in most instances because I find that the process of remixing a song is much more creative than just performing a cover version.  Thankfully, there are a lot of great remix songs out there today.  Here are seven of them.

Omega Lithium-This Croatian alternative metal band writes synthy, dancy rock tunes with electronic sounds to add flair.  Perfect target to remix.
Dance With Me (Darkstep Remix):

Active Child-Active Child is an indie electronic musician who specializes in incorporating the harp into his music. 
Playing House (Chad Valley Remix):

Bush-Bush reeased a remix album in the late 90s called "Deconstructed."  Some of the tracks were throwaways, but some were excellent.  Among the better ones was this gem.
In a Lonely Place (Tricky mix)

David Bowie-Bowie dabbled in electronic and synth music himself for part of his career.  As part of the deluxe edition of his album "Heathen", there was a second disc with rarer recordings.  This track was on that second disc.
A Better Future (Remix by Air)

Deadlock-Deadlock is a German extreme metal band that incorporates lots of electronic and dance beats into the grinding metal.  Their latest album "Bizarro World" includes two remixes.  This is the better one.
State of Decay (S.U.N. Project remix)

Natalie Walker-She is an excellent electronic jazz/trip hop artists.  Her EP "Quicksand" contained the original single plus four alternate version remixes.
Quicksand (Bautista remix)
Quicksand (Bautista Remix)

Sybreed-This Swiss metal band is sometimes referred to as deathwave music, which intends to mix extreme metal with new wave music.  I really like this band.  Their EP "Challenger" includes the original version of the track and four different remixes.
Challenger (Voician remix)

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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