Friday, September 28, 2012

A Place of Owls: The Oceanic Tomes

Brad bought an album the other day that he said I just had to listen to.  He told me that I should write an album review and share it with our readers.  You must know that I am not a strong critic.  I have never written an album review but I accepted his challenge.  So the following post is a review of the album The Oceanic Tomes by A Place of Owls. 

A Place of Owls is a one man post rock band.  This is really quite an accomplishment as you listen to this CD and realize it's just one person playing and recording this music.  This CD is pretty intense.  The title track Atlantis starts out with soothing guitar followed by other electronic sound effects.  Like the title of this track you feel like you are under the water.  This is what music in Atlantis must sound like.  This song is a nice introduction to this album.  It creates this illusion that you are under water in a different world.  As the music continues through tracks two and three you get this sense that something is going to happen and you're not quite sure what that will be.  As track 4 starts you have this intense feeling of suspense and this curiosity for what will happen next.  This album ends with a beautiful number that expresses triumph and peace.  This is a great album to have if you are looking for something you can sit down and relax to without worrying about what is going on around you.  The music is amazing.  It is a little long so make sure you leave yourself the time frame to be able to enjoy all that this album offers.  So I have listed the first track on this CD entitled Atlantis.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think.  Thank you for reading :)

The Oceanic Tomes is available at his bandcamp page with a 'name your price' option.  You can choose zero, or be nice and toss a few bucks his way.

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  1. This album is availabe at A Place of Owls bandcamp page with a 'name your price' option. Link coming soon