Monday, September 24, 2012

Our top Rock bands

Today we are rockin' out at ThinkMuzik.  This is our final 'top' list before we get back to more 'normal' posting (or as normal as it can get around here).  The trouble with rock is that it is such a broad term and can encompass numerous different styles.  Since we already covered alternative, we can rule out a ton of bands.  Today we'll focus more on what we constitute as straight-up rock music. 

All three of my picks could be considered as metal since they rock so hard, but I don't really term them as metal because a) the music isn't especially metallic, and b) the vocals are not in line with what I'd normally consider metal. 

3. Funeral for a Friend. Kristy talked about this band in our top metal bands post.  I'm talking about them here.  This Welsh band combine standard rock melodies with post hardcore riffs and in between melodious singing and hardcore shouting.  Being that there is a lot of post hardcore influence with this band, you get a lot of toned-down, progressive-style riffage and a healthy dose of vocal hooks.  The song I have chosen is the title track off their latest effort, "Welcome Home Armageddon."

2. Chevelle.  I talked about this band in our top alternative bands post.  Chevelle can be considered both alternative and progressive rock.  To me they are more firmly entrenched in the prog scene.  They cite Tool as one of their biggest influences and are compared to Tool way too often.  Though the band plays traditional prog rock, that doesn't mean they don't also create great riffs and amazing vocal melody.  Check out Face to the Floor from their latest effort, "Hats Off to the Bull."

1. Within Temptation.  I also considered Nemesea and Delain because those bands are a lot like Within Temptation.  However, I still think no one pulls off the Within Temptation sound as well as Within Temptation.  This Dutch band is fronted by an amazing vocalist in Sharon den Andel.  She doesn't dabble too much in the (sometimes annoying) operatic singing and carries great range and melody.  They also incorporate lots of symphonic sections playing in harmony with the rock-based guitars and drums.  They have been at it a long time and have never produced a bad record.  Check out Shot in the Dark from their latest album, "The Unforgiving" below.

Kristy's top three follow.

I get to choose my top three rock bands and let me tell you this  is not an easy decision since 80% of my music collection is rock.  So I decided to narrow it down by the artists that I have the most music from.  I am excited to share my list with you.  Let down your hair and pull our your air guitar cause here they come.

3. Matchbox Twenty: Push.  Although these guys aren't hard rockers they can definitely play their instruments.  I have been a fan of this group since they came out in the the mid 90's.  Rob Thomas has the ability to make his lyrics believable and so they have mass appeal.  This song has great vocals, and power full lyrics.  When asked what this song was really about Rob explained in an interview that it is about a man in an abusive relationship.  So give it a listen and see if you like it.

2. Aerosmith: Fallen Angels.  Steven Tyler has been singing rock since before I was born.  He has a unique sound all his own because no one can duplicate that throaty scream of his.  He has so many rock songs to choose from.  He is one of the few artists that I can stand scatting from and he opens this song with it.  Then the music begins and you know it's gonna be good.  Check it out below

1.  Bon Jovi: If I Was Your Mother.  Those of you who know me knew this was coming.  The very first time I heard Bon Jovi was when I was about 8 or 9.  I was at my cousins house and her parents had just left us to go shopping.  She cranked up the volume on the stereo in the living room and played Runaway.  I was in rocker heaven.  Ever since then I have been listening to them with my radio way to loud.  I think that this song rocks.  The drums and the guitar are fast paced and the vocals rock.  Enjoy and thanks for listening.

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