Thursday, September 27, 2012

Devin Townsend Project-Epicloud

These days, the word 'epic' is tossed around carelessly in both the blogosphere and in every day conversation.  I find this trend of using 'epic' as slang somewhat annoying.  So, seeing that Devin Townsend decided to title his new release "Epicloud," I cringed. 

Townsend is a very popular musician, particularly in the metal genre.  Myself, I have never been able to understand the collective man crush the public seems to have on him.  After all, a metal musician who decides to name his band after himself doesn't scream "purchase me!"  To that end, I have to admit that I've never given him his proper chance.  Townsend seems to release a new album everytime I sneeze as well, and I actually frown on that due to quality concerns.  Townsend is the former vocalist for the Canadian band Strapping Young Lad, which I didn't really like.

Needless to say, I listened to his newest album anyway.  This album is fantastic.  I will say that again: Fantastic!

The album's opener is somewhat of a yawner, but it is nothing more than a 45-second intro.  After that, Townsend blasts your speakers with an eclectic brand of pop, rock, and metal blend that should leave you breathless after the second track closes.  The album keeps up its intensity throughout. 

It may be difficult to imagine, but in some ways this is a very strange album.  Townsend doesn't seem to care what the public thinks, nor about genre classifications.  He writes and performs the music he wants to write and perform.  Each album he has released has been different, and in turn, has produced a different feel.  While still embracing the metal that most likely defines him as a musician, Townsend introduces catchy pop hooks, interesting hard rock beats, metal drum patterns, swirling orchestral and choral undertones, classic riffing, and more.  This is not to mention he is also a gifted vocalist.

To appreciate this album, you have to set aside any preconcieved notions and unfair judgments.  This album is worth purchasing.  It is available for download at soundcloud, but a fair warning:  Do not do it.  Every song is played in the background while Townsend talks about the track.  The good news is that the entire album is currently streaming here.

I'll also embed one track below.  Take a listen and prepare to be impressed.  As always, thanks for reading!

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