Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Losing My Religion Cover

So Brad and I are finished with our top three picks of our favorite genres and so now we will go back to doing our own posts.  I'm still hanging onto my fascination with song covers and so I have another one for you today. 

Today's post is all about Losing My Religion originally performed by the American band R.E.M.  This song was released in 1991 on their Out Of Time album.  This song is R.E.M's most popular song and hit number four on the Billboards top 100 list.  This song is not actually about religion, it's about losing ones temper.  I thought that this was interesting and so I had to listen to this song again thinking about it differently.  It does make a lot more sense to me now that I know what Michael Stipe's lyrics really mean.  This song is unique in that it is played on the mandolin.  You can't say that about very many songs.  I think that it works.  I like the addition of the drums and Michael's unique voice. Here is the classic Losing My Religion below.

Lacuna Coil covers Losing My Religion on her latest album Dark Adrenaline.  You have to give her props for taking on such a popular iconic alternative song.  I think they do this song justice.  I love the beat of this song.  I like that they make it a little darker and so it sounds more like them.  I think the vocals are done well and are just as catchy as the original.  I do kind of miss the mandolin though.  So give this cover a listen and let me know what you think.  As always thanks for listening :)

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