Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dashboard Confessional and Dido

Ah my two favorite bands that start with the letter D.  Many come to mind but I decided on Dashboard Confessional and Dido.  These are two great acts and I'm excited to be able to share some of their talent with you today.  Let's start today with Dashboard.

My brother introduced me to Dashboard Confessional around 9 years ago.  I remember their first album Swiss Army Romance.  I remember Kent listening to Screaming Infidelities over and over again.  I decided that I had to sit down and listen for myself to see if I was interested in this band.  After a few songs I was hooked.  Chris Carrabba started his band in 1999.  What is different about Dashboard is that they are an acoustic band.  I think that this keeps them fresh and unique.  Chris writes the majority of the music that this band performs.  The first song that I wanted to share with you is Hands Down.  This is my favorite song from them.  This is also special because I am sharing the MTV Unplugged version.  I like this version because I saw him perform and It is amazing to watch him perform his music.  You can tell from his facial expressions that this song came from some where.  This song has outstanding vocals with memorable lyrics and catchy guitar riffs.  You can tell from the fans in the background that they are enjoying themselves.  I just think that this song is something special.  I hope you like it.

The second song that I chose from Dashboard is Rooftops and Invitations.  This song was released in 2006 off their album Dusk and Summer.  This is also my favorite track off this Cd.  I love the lyrics.  I like the idea of a man being so in love with a woman that he doesn't know if he can live without her even though sometimes she might drive him crazy.  I love Chris's voice.  I think that his vocals are genuine and heartfelt.  I also like that we get to hear some drums in the back ground of this song.  Sometimes its nice to have a defined rhythm or beat to a song.  If you like either of these songs today I encourage you go check this band out.  They have 6 albums full of fantastic memorable music.

The second artist I chose is Dido.  Dido is an English song writer who has been writing and performing music since the mid 90's.  She reached success in 1999 with her album No Angel which sold millions of copies.  One of her most popular singles is White Flag.  This is the first song which I wish to share with you today.  This is a popular song about a woman who refuses to give up when her relationship is over.  I think that this song is beautifully written.  It has catchy lyrics and a great melody.  I love the tone in Dido's voice and paired with the strings and the piano it equals magic.  Please give it a listen below.

The second song I wanted to share with you is Here With Me.  This song is featured in a few movies so you might recognize it from Bounce or Love Actually.  I love this song.  It is my favorite Dido song.  This song features strings and hauntingly beautiful vocals.  There is something about this song that makes it stay with you long after it ends.  It is definitely a repeater for me.  Sometimes once isn't enough of a good song.  I hope you enjoyed the very brief glimpse into these to bands and I thank you for reading-Kristy

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