Friday, October 19, 2012

We Made God-It's Getting Colder review

It seems like I've been reviewing nothing but post rock albums for the last several weeks.  I apologize for that if you were looking for some more variety.  After all, variety is something we pride ourselves on here at Think Muzik.  With this review, I intend to offer some variety. 

We Made God's debut album "It's Getting Colder" is not a post-rock album per se, though it does intone some obvious post-rock influences.  Instead of pure post-rock, this album provides an a more earthen view on post-rock and post-hardcore styles. 

More down-to-earth drum patterns and acoustic guitar plucking highlight this record, along with looped guitars and crunchy, distorted hardcore riffing.  Here, you hear plenty of melody as opposed to atmospheric fireworks and overpowering ambiance.  While this album does show flashes of the aforementioned musical styles, it also encompasses so much more. 

Another thing that We Made God give us with this record is vocals.  Mostly clean-sung vocals with impressive range and emotion highlight this disc in the vocal department, as well as some hardcore screaming which, while rare, accentuates the more melodic portions of the music.  I'm not much of a sucker for true hardcore these days, but I can recognize when a bend perform such a style flawlessly.  In this department, "It's Getting Colder" is as good as it gets.

If you are a fan of Emery or later-era From Autumn to Ashes, there is a good chance you will find something to enjoy with this effort.

We Made God is from Iceland, and this album more than insinuates a colder, more desperate yearning for something greater.  The final moments of one of the last tracks on this album are a sound clip from a 1979 movie entitled Network seemingly inviting listeners to "Go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell 'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!'"

There is a lot worth listening to on this album, but I'll share just a couple of the standout tracks below.  Thanks for listening!

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