Thursday, October 18, 2012

Evanescence and Emery

Today I have chosen two great bands that start with the letter E.  I would like to share some music from Evanescence and Emery.  These two bands sing totally different types of music.  Evanescence sings rock and Emery is more post rock hardcore. 

Evanescence was started in 1995.  Amy Lee is the main singer and the other members in her band change a lot.  Their album Fallen came out in 2003 and sold over 17 million copies.  Their second album Open Door came out in 2006 and has sold over 6 million copies worldwide.  I think that Amy has an amazing voice and to pair it with rock and metal music is fantastic.   The first song I wanted to share with you is Hello off the Fallen album.  I chose this song because I know that all of you are familiar with Bring Me Back To Life and Immortal.  I wanted to show you another incredible song off this album.  This song starts out with beautiful piano and Amy's voice.  The combination of the two is pretty much the bulk of this song.  I think that this song is powerful because of this.  Towards the end violins are brought in and it brings this song to a new emotional depth.  I really think that if you give this song a listen you will like it every bit as much as the singles that you've heard on the radio.  Enjoy.

The second song that I have chosen to share with you is Your Star from their second album Open Door.  This song is a little slower also.  I know that some of you probably like their fast songs better but I wanted to share the slower ones with you because they don't get radio play.  This song is a sad song about a girl who wanders alone in the darkness.  It sounds depressing but some how Amy Lee can take a song like this and with her vocals make it emotional and real.  This song adds drums and the guitar to add demention to the vocals.  Please listen to it below.

The second band that I chose is Emery.  I first heard this band at Vans Warp Tour in Utah.  They came out in 2001.  They are considered to be a postrock hardcore band.  This band hasn't sold millions of copies of their music but they are great.  They continue to release albums full of great music.  They have released 5 albums is in the last 10 years.  The first song I chose is off their The Weaks End album entitled Walls.  I like this song.  The song starts out with hardcore vocals and then brings in smooth vocals and catchy guitar riffs.  Give them a listen below.

The second song that I chose is Crumbling from this bands latest album We Do What We Want.  This track is a little more mellow than their other songs.  I like the lyrics and I love the harmony of their blended voices.  I like the subtle guitar and the drums in the background.  The lyrics to this song are great.  I like how the music really reflects the feeling of lyrics.  It feels like the walls are crumbling down around you.  This band is great.  Go to I-tunes, Soundcloud, or bandcamp and check out some more of their music.  Thank for reading-Kristy

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  1. I like Evanescence very much.

    I do not like Emery though.

    To each their own.