Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finch and Fiona Apple

Today's blog is about two of my favorite artists that start with the letter F.  I chose Fiona Apple and Finch.  I feel like both these artists are lesser known than others I could have chosen.  Plus they both sing totally different types of music and so it is fun to play them right after each other.  Let's start today with Fiona Apple.

Fiona Apple gained stardom in 1996 with her album Tidal.  If you have heard of her it is probably because songs off this album became very popular in the late 90's.  As an artist Fiona has exceptional talent with great vocals plus she writes her own music and plays the piano.  Criminal earned Miss Apple a Grammy award and this is one of her songs that I would like to share with you.  This is a great piano rock song.  It is not often that the two can be grouped together in the rock genre which is another reason why I like this song so much.   I also appreciate the bluesy tone in her voice.  This song is about a woman who lures men using her sexuality.  The lyrics do this song justice and so does the music video which has been posted below.  I hope you enjoy it.


The second song I have chosen is her rendition of Sally's song off the Nightmare Before Christmas Special Editon Soundtrack.  I think she does a great version of this song.  There is talk about who did this song better justice between Fiona Apple and Amy Lee. They both do a great job it's just that both ladies sing differently and I really like Fionna's version.  It's a little darker and so I think that it fits in with the theme of the movie a lot more.  I also think and this might be weird but Fiona and Sally kind of look a lot a like so it's believable to me.  This music behind this song is very mellow and the vocals are outstanding.  Let me know what you think.


Finch is a post rock hardcore band from California.  They started singing in 1999 where they recorded a couple albums together before they took a break in 2006.  The band has reunited and taken another break since then. They are planning a reunion in 2012.  Most of the members of this band have projects on the side and so they have been very busy.  The song that I would like to share with you is the title track of their first album What It Is To Burn.  I like this song.  I actually don't mind the screaming.  I think that the vocals are great I mean Nate Barcalow has a great voice when he's not screaming ;).  I googled what this song is about and Nate claims that her wrote this song from the viewpoint of a man in hell sending his loved one a letter.  Makes sense to me.  You can listen to this song below.

The second song I wanted to share with you is also off this album.  OK I have to tell you that this is actually the only Finch album I like.  I listened to their second album Say Hello To Sunshine and I actually only found one song that I thought I would be able to listen to.  I'm just saying they changed their music to have a more harsher sound and that wasn't for me though lots of their fans liked it more because it made them fit better into the post hardcore genre.  Anyway I would like to share the song Ender with you.  This song is slower than than some of the others on this album.  I like this because as most of you know I like the slower songs better because I can sing along with them.  I'm weird I already know this.  The vocals and the lyrics for this song are great.  I enjoy the soft slow guitar in the beginning of this song.  I like how the music starts out really mellow and then picks up the pace as you get more into the meaning of the song.  As always I really want to thank you for reading and listening and we hope you hear from you-Kristy

P.S. So I checked and for those of you who are interested Finch will be reuniting on Ocotber 12th to start working on a 10 year anniversary editon of the album What It Is To Burn.  You can listen to this performance on Feb 1st 2013.  They will be performing at the Glasshouse in Ponoma, California.  Ticket information has yet to be released.

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