Friday, October 26, 2012

New tunes from Mechina and All That Remains

Good afternoon, everyone!  I have some new stuff to share with you today.  Yes, that means I found some, and in unusual places at that.  Thank YouTube, sort of.

The first couple of tracks are from Mechina, an industrial metal band from Chicago.  Mechina hasn't quite hit the big time yet, but they have existed for nine years per their Facebook page.  The style of music they play is reminiscent of Fear Factory, but with a few electronic elements, all contrasted against grand orchestral swells.  After I heard the band's previous album "Conqueror" I was hooked.  That album showed a lot of promise.  These new tracks showcase what the band is good at, indicating an excellent upcoming release.  These tracks are from the band's forthcoming album "Empyrean", which is due out on January 1.  The first of these tracks is very much indicative of the music Mechina plays.  The second is a longer, purely orchestral version of the same song.  It is incredible, so hopefully it makes the new album.

The next track I found out about through the usual channels, from The NewReview, which has been severely lacking in interesting music of late.

All that Remains is a band I have experience with.  I own copies of both "The Fall of Ideals" and "Overcome".  This new track captures the same style as both, not as heavy as "The Fall of Ideals" and not as mainstream-sounding as "Overcome".  As with most metalcore, the chorus is filled with catchy clean singing that is easy to understand and sing along with, while the verses employ mostly mid-range screams.  The harsh vocals I think sound relatively stale and generic on this track, but the cleans are dynamic.  It remains to be seen whether the forthcoming album can deliver the sort of music I crave enough to purchase it.  The new album, "A War You Cannot Win", will be released on November 6.  Check out the first single, You Can't Fill My Shadow below.  Enjoy!

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