Friday, November 9, 2012

Cloud Atlas teaser and a new EP from Beliefs

Today we have two juicy items for those of you salivating for some fresh tunes. 

First things, first...I'm not a huge fan of album teasers or 'previews' as they are sometimes called, because with some music you just can't get a fair taste of what you are going to get should you choose to purchase the album.  So far, the preview is the only legitimate piece I have found from the movie Cloud Atlas. 

If you have not seen Cloud Atlas, I sadly cannot recommend it because I have not seen it.  I have not even watched the full trailer, so I have no idea what takes place in the movie.  However, being an avid fan of film score music, I have been eagerly anticipating the soundtrack to Cloud Atlas.  The film features Tom Hanks and Halle Berry to name two.  Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, and Reinhold Heil are credited with creating the music in the film. 

What I have heard so far is the same thing I'm embedding here.  The music is mostly quiet, minimalistic orchestral compositions interspersed with some creative, spatial electronic moments.  I'm all for trying new technology in film scoring, so this was not worrisome at all.  I indeed like what I have heard, but some of it lacks in the 'epic' factor that I enjoy so much.  Of course, this is coming from hearing just the first minute or so of each track.  The good news is that film compositions often start off quiet and build toward a grand climax.  That is what makes motion picture music so...moving.  Take a listen to the soundtrack preview below.

Second, there is a new 'Untitled' EP from Beliefs.  Beliefs is a shoegaze/dream pop outfit from Toronto.  The new EP is steady mix of outstanding reverb-laden shoegaze rock and dream pop.  The band blends spacey atmospherics and ambiance with psyched out rock rhythms and excellent vocal work.  These vocals depart from the standard shoegazing fare by showing more prominently in the mix and being of a deeper, somewhat baritone variety.  I like what I have heard, but am a bit disappointed that the EP contains only two tracks.  You can stream both tracks below. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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