Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Isis-Pliable Foe

We have another random look at new music that is new to me today.  Scream all you want, but until now I had never paid much attention to Isis.  All I can say is two words: Perception. Changed.  Isis is an American post-metal band formed in 1997.  For some reason, I never really had much desire to look into their music.  I knew about them, sure, but I had just never listened to any of their music.  Isis disbanded in 2011, but is gearing up to release a new 'rarities' album called "Temporal." 

The style of music combines clean vocal singing with progressive, acoustic instrumentation with bouts of heavy guitar distortion and heavy drums.  If you like progressive metal, then there is a good chance you also like post-metal.  Post-metal is a sub genre that is not exactly loaded with great talent.  I know of Pelican and Isis so far.  As I have only heard one song from Isis, I can't positively say that I like Isis better, but the one song I have heard is very good. 

This rare track is called Pliable Foe. Check out the video here and let me know what you think.  Do you think I should look into to Isis' back catalog?  Enjoy!

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