Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jimmy Eat World and Jem

My selections for today come from my favorite artists that start with the letter J.  Tho the list was pretty lengthy I decided on these two artists.  One because they make incredible music and two because they are not that well known.  Let's start today with Jimmy Eat World.

In 1993 the alternative rock band Jimmy Eat World broke out onto the music scene.  Since then they have released seven studio albums with songs that have appeared on movie soundtracks and video games.  The band found real stardom with their fourth album Bleed America.  The track The Middle became their best selling single and landed on the Billboard charts.  I along with many of you became a Jimmy Eat World fan when this album came out.  This album has more rock elements to it and the songs are fun and cacthy.  The first song that I wanted to play for you is off this album and is titled My Sundown.  This is a slower song but I really enjoy it.  I appreciate the simpleness of this song.  I like the snapping of the fingers and the subtle drumming.  I also like the female accompaniment in this song.  I think that the lyrics to this song are great and hope you will enjoy it.

The second track I selected from them comes from their fifth album Futures.  I decided on Pain.  I know that this song was really popular when it came out and that it's nothing you haven't heard before but it's a great upbeat song that has Jimmy Eat World written all over it.  This song is fast paced and entertaining.  The music video is pretty cool too.  I like the message of this song too.  I makes me remember that anything artificial that claims to cure emotional pain is just a farce and you have to get to the bottom of the issue to really feel better but sometimes its fun to escape it temporally.  enjoy Pain below.

The second artist I chose is Jem.  She started singing in 2002 and her music is constantly used in film and TV show soundtracks.  Jemma Griffiths is a Welsh singer-songwriter who performs trip hop and new wave music.  I first heard her from a commercial for the movie Ultra Violet.  They played the track 24 in the background and I was like what is this?  I really liked it and had to go out and get the Cd.  24 appears on the CD Finally Woken which was her first album released in 2004.  The first song that I have chosen to share for you is Falling For You off the same album.  I feel connected to this song.  The lyrics are amazing and relateable.  How many of us have gotten our hearts stomped on and are fearful of letting a new someone in.  She displays this emotion beautifully in this song.  Her vocals are amazing as is the music.  Please listen to it below.

The second song I have chosen is It's Amazing off the Down To Earth album.  This song was featured in the Sex In The City movie.  I love the piano intro to this song.  I think that it sets up a great surprise when the electronic instruments start.  The blending of the two make for an intriguing track that you have to listen to.  Again Jem's vocals are soulful and great.  I like the message of this song also.  All of need a little encouragement now and then.  I hope that you have enjoyed the tracks that I have chosen today and as always thanks for listening and enjoy-Kristy

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