Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kate Havnevik and Keith Urban

Today for your listening pleasure I have my two favorite artists begin with the letter K.  I have chosen Keith Urban and Kate Havnevik.  These two artists are amazing and they write two completely different types of music.  I would first like to start with Kate.

Kate Havnevik is from Norway and released her first album in 2006.  If you are a fan of Greys Anatomy you will have heard her music.  She has three or four different songs that have aired during different episodes.  She writes all of her music and plays many different instruments including the melodica.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a little hand held piano that is played by blowing air through the mouth piece and then fingering the keys.  She is a very talented lady.  The first song that I have chosen to play for you is Grace off her album off the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack.  She wrote this song exclusively for the season 2 finally.  This song is amazing.  The vocals are beautiful and music is simple and intriguing.  I also really enjoy the vocalizing in this song.  Please check it out below.

The second song that I have chosen is Nowhere Warm.  This song is featured on her CD Melankton.  This song is great again because of her vocals but I love the beginning with the violin.  I really think the strings add something fantastic to this song.  I also enjoy the piano in this song.  I just think that it is amazing that she can create such an outstanding song using mostly her voice.  The vocals are so soft and addictive.  Once I start listening to her I can't stop and of course I have to sing along.  Check it out.

The second artist I have chosen is Keith Urban which most of you will groan at.  I know that Country music is not at the top of most of your must listen to genres but here at think music we know that the best music library is one with many different types of music each appreciated for it's own reasons.  I enjoy Keith Urban, first of all he is Australian.  That in and of itself is fantastic and he writes his own music.  Keith started writing and performing music in 1991.  He has released a total of nine studio albums and has fourteen number one hits.  The first song that I picked is When Summer Comes Around off his album Defying Gravity.  I love this song.  I like the guitar intro and the sounds of the carnival in the background.  I think that it makes the song relatable.  I can picture exactly what is happening as he is singing.  I am sure all of us have been in this position where you fall for someone and you only have one season with them and you always wonder if they will come back and see what happens next.  I like Keith's voice in this song because you can really feel how heartbroken he is.  See what you think.

The second song I have chosen from Keith is I told you so.  I wanted to pick up the pace a little bit.  I told you so is found on the album Love Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing.  This song starts out with some violins and the guitar.  Yes I'm going to say that I actually don't mind the banjo in this song.  I can't believe I just admitted that.  I enjoy the middle of this song to because you get to hear some rock elements which is becoming more common in today's country music.  I hope that you will give this song a chance.  Thank for reading and enjoy-Kristy

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