Thursday, January 3, 2013

Free Downloads-Sequence compilations

I am generally not a huge fan of compilation albums, usually because I purchase albums from the bands I am interested in, making the experience of the compilation album obsolete.  That said, there are certain times when I find compilations to be exciting and rewarding, particularly when they are offered for free.

Future Sequence, from the best that I can tell, is an independent record label featuring ambient electronic artists.  Their bandcamp page has loads of interesting looking albums and five "Sequence" compilations, each of which are free downloads.

The latest, "Sequence5", is just as good a listen as the first, which I downloaded immediately.  I have just found out that there is loads of free music to be had at the Future Sequence bandcamp page.  Since I am a sucker for well-made ambient music, I really dig these albums.  Their cover images, usually depicting modified mountain scenes, are beautiful and abstractly serene, helping to further the cause of the music.

"Sequence5" includes 42 tracks that run the gamut from all-out drone to minimalistic, instrumental neo-classical tunes.  Some tracks include hushed and distorted vocals.  Each track is a down tempo masterpiece, laden with electronic reverb, spacey atmospherics, and blissful harmonies.  This is the type of music with which you just sit and relax to get lost in the various and unique tastes the album exhibits. 

Ambient music, like most genres, is not for everyone.  If you enjoy well-constructed ambient electronic tunes, then chances are you will like most of the tracks on this compilation. 

I have not been an avid follower of ambient music for an extended period, so I don't know many of the artists whose music appears on this compilation.  Among the many artists represented in "Sequence5" are Brambles, Moon Zero, Olan Mill, Prayers, Shredderghost, and much, much more.  These are simply the names that jump out at me. 

This compilation is completely free.  I have embedded a few of the standout tracks below, as opposed to offering the stream of all 42 tracks.  Download this compilation.  You literally have nothing to lose.  As always, thanks for reading and enjoy!

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