Friday, January 4, 2013

New Music from Shatter Silence and Funeral for a Friend

We haven't done one of these new music posts in a while, mostly because the pool of new stuff to share is so small.  So far 2013 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for music, what with new albums from Omnium Gatherum, Soilwork, Sarah Brightman, and The History of Colour TV promised for early year releases. 

Today brought us two more new items.  The first is from a Japanese metal band called Shatter Silence.  They have a new album entitled "Glory Will Under the Sun".  This album is out and is allegedly offered as a free download, if you have the right software to unzip the file.  This band doesn't have a bandcamp or a soundcloud page, but luckily they have a few YouTube videos. 

Shatter Silence play an interesting brand of melodeath with heavy, screamed vocals and layered cleans.  This takes place over a canvas of fast, chunky riffs, augmented with melodic keyboard sections.  I found this to be a very interesting album.  I'm still looking for a reliable place from which to purchase this record, but I am digging the music.  Check out the video below.

We are huge Funeral for a Friend fans here at ThinkMuzik, so imagine how ecstatic I was to find that they will be releasing a new album next month.  The new album, "Conduit", is due out on February 5.  We have added this to our list. 

If you are unfamiliar with Funeral for a Friend, this Welsh band takes a modern hard rock approach with catchy melodies and melds it with a slight metalcore edge.  The vast majority of their vocals are clean singing with excellent hooks, though screams and shouts remain a part of their sound.  So far this new track doesn't sound as memorable as songs from "Memory and Humanity" or "Welcome Home Armageddon," but then again, the entire album has not been made available yet.  Come February 5, you can gaurantee you will be reading a review of the new album here.  Listen to the new track below.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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