Thursday, August 9, 2012

This Years Love by David Gray

So I couldn't sleep and I was listening to the wedding play list that I made on my I-Pod.  I always let it play on random and This Years Love by David Gray came on.  As soon as the song starts it stops my heart.  I don't know why.  The piano starts and then he begins to sing and it's as if I'm hearing this song again for the first time.  It never gets old.  The lyrics are romantic and the melody is hauntingly beautiful.  Then the violins join the piano and it's perfect. My heart constricts and I want to be the person that this song is written for. This song is soft and gentle and I'm rambling.  So give it a listen.  It's been featured in a couple films (The Girl Next Door, and Wimbledon) so you might have heard it before but give it another listen for the first time.  It's so worth it.-Kristy

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