Thursday, September 13, 2012

John Lennon: Imagine covered by A Perfect Circle.

Earlier this month I talked about comparing popular songs that have been covered by various artists.  Today is a look at a remake of a John Lennon song.  I know what all of you are thinking; covers are never as good as the original and that might be true but I, believe those that try to make a classic their own deserve a little credit too.  John Lennon wrote Imagine in 1971.  It's an antiwar song basically asking you to imagine a world where everyone lives in peace.  Not a simple task for anyone but Mr. Lennon does a great job of helping us to imagine what it would be like.  This song is a classic.  The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are awe inspiring.  Combine these with the vocals of John Lennon and you have a song  that cannot be forgotten.  Covering this song is no easy task but I know a band that did it successfully.

A Perfect Circle is a rock band that came out in the late 90's.  In 2004 they covered this song by John Lennon on their third album Emotive.  Their take on this song is a little different than the original.  The music is a little darker but I like it.  I like that we get to hear more drums and I love the strings in the background.  I like this covers strong vocals.  I think that it brings a little more meaning to this song and introduces it in a way that a younger generation can love and appreciate.  I encourage you to give this song another listen.  You won't regret it.-Kristy

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  1. Of note is that eMotive is actually a collection of covers of songs about and against war. This album contains just one original song written by APC. And Trent Reznor contributed to one of the songs. Good choice. Maynard's vocals aren't the best in the business but not bad either