Friday, September 14, 2012

Our top Alternative/Indie bands

Hello, everyone!  Today we are starting a collaboration between the two of us (Kristy and I) discussing our three favorite bands from each of the genres we cover.  Today we look at the alternative and indie scene, which consists of electronic rock, indie rock, grunge rock, progressive rock, and shoegaze.  Picking three of the best turned out to be a chore.

3. M83.  This Frenchman, also known as Anthony Gonzalez, pumps out dynamic 'electrogaze' music, which blends ambient soundscapes with distorted and looped guitar lines to create a dazzling atmospheric effect.  Looping and layered vocal effects are also heavily used.  Here is Midnight City, from the album "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming."

2. Radiohead.  Radiohead has been around since the early 90s.  Their sound has over the years migrated from straight up alternative rock to the electronic-based indie rock they specialize in today.  Though I disagree with the band's portrayal of today's music industry, I happen to enjoy everything they release.  Take a listen to There There (the Boney King of Nowhere) from the album "Hail to the Thief"

1. Chevelle.  Chevelle never ceases to amaze.  They play consistently good progressive-fueled hard rock that is easy to enjoy.  They have been compared way too often to Tool in my opinion, but rarely used screamed vocals.  Most of their songs are incredibly catchy and easy to sing to.  Listen to Jars, from the album "Sci-fi Crimes" below.

Kristy's Top 3 is as follows.

So you wouldn't think that choosing our top three alternative bands would be hard but it was.  I have over forty on my list and they all have things about them that I really love.  Then my husband told me to pick the best song from each band.  This was a challenge but I have chosen three great songs I think you will enjoy. 

3. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  I loved this band the first time I heard their first single Face down.  I like alternative music for different reasons than most.  Mostly I like guys who can play their own instruments and sing at the same time.  These guys can play music that is really harsh but the vocals are amazing.  The vocals are crystal clear and I love his voice.  I chose this song because lets face it I am a romantic sap and I love how this song starts out slow and then has this dramatic crescendo  at the end of this song.  The lyrics are amazing.  I just love it.  Check it out.

2. The Used.  My brother introduced me to the used after their single Blue and Yellow came out.  I have been a huge fan of them ever since.  Some albums are greater than others but I can always find at least one track that I have to listen to on repeat for a couple of days.  The Used is a band kind of from the screamo genre.  I am a rebel and I prefer the songs where they actually sing a song with a melody.  The song I chose for your listening pleasure is Not Kissing you Goodbye.  This track is on their album Artwork.  I love how this song starts out with just vocals and the piano.  It's beautiful and then the music picks and you can feel the emotion of the song pick up as the music soars.  This track is amazing.

1. Linkin Park.  Linkin Park is my first choice for an alternative band.  I love Chester's voice.  I don't even mind the screaming.  I first heard Linkin Park again from my brother.  The first song I heard from them was Crawling.  I loved the electronic intro and was blown away the first time I heard Chester sing.  I know that everyone knows this song but it's my favorite so listen to it again.  It's still as fantastic as the first time I heard it. 

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