Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our top metal bands

Hello, friends!  This is the second in our series of lists profiling the top bands we like from each genre we cover here at Think Muzik.  There is such a wide assortment of metal out there, so choosing our top three has been a difficult task. 

Here are my top three:
 3. Omnium Gatherum.  These Finns haven't done anything earth-shattering in the realm of music.  All they have done is pick a style of metal they like to play and excel at it.  They have consistently improved over their five releases, culminating in thier best effort yet, "New World Shadows".  Omnium Gatherum is extreme metal, but also quite melodic, featuring catchy lead guitar and solos, excellent growling, and tasteful clean vocals.  Keyboards play heavily into their sound but do not make up the structure of the music. Listen to Soul Journeys from "New World Shadows" below.

2. Textures.  Textures is a newer dutch band that plays a Djenty blend of melody and harsh metal that must be heard to believed.  The band successfully switch back and forth between melodic singing and harsh screaming.  The first time I heard this band, I was very impressed and waited patiently for their latest album, which was just as good, if not better.  Watch the Reaching Home video from "Dualism" below.

1. Dark Tranquillity.  Being one of the pioneers in the Gothenburg metal scene is one thing, but being able to constantly release great material is another.  Dark Tranquillity arose in the late 1980s in Gothenburg, Sweden, alongside such acts as At the Gates and In Flames.  Over the years, they have released 10 studio albums.  I own nine of them--all but thier first, while Anders Friden (from In Flames) was the lead singer.  Mikael Stanne has been providing the vocals ever since and really does an amazing job.  Clean vocals are somewhat rare from this band, but they do use them to great effect, particularly in thier latest album.  Listen to Dream Oblivion from "We are the Void" below.

Kristy's top three are as follows.

When Brad told me we were choosing our three favorite metal bands and then selecting a favorite song from them I kind of freaked out.  First of all I'm pretty new to the metal genre.  I have a few songs that I like from select artists but not whole albums.  I was kind of stressing because I didn't think that I had very much metal in my music collection.  But as I took another look I found some artists that I didn't consider metal but that Brad assured me would work.  Here are my three choice metal bands.  Keep in mind I am just starting a collection in this genre and so this might be wussy metal to those of you who like it a littler harsher than what follows.

3. Funeral For A Friend: On a Wire.  This song is off their album Tales Don't Tell Themselves.  This song is very mellow as far as metal goes but if you listen to other songs on the album the metal comes out more.  I like this song because I like the sound of Michael Davies voice.  I enjoy the guitar in this song and I like that it's melodic enough that I can sing along. 

2. Lacuna  Coil. Give Me Something More.  One thing you should know about me is I am a choir brat.  My favorite part of choir is the blending of male and female voices.  I really like this band because we get to hear two great singers Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro.  Both vocalists give this song something special.  Their voices harmonize really well plus there is great guitar and drums in the background.  This track is off their newest album Dark Adrenaline.  Check them out if you haven't heard them before.  They are amazing.

1. Apocolyptica: I Don't Care.  Let me just start by saying this band is the s*#t.  I really like them a lot.  I love that they are all professional cellists and that they incorporate their astounding talents into metal music.  This version of I Don't Care features Adam Gontier of three days grace.  I like the blending of his voice with cello.  This song has a great beat and for some reason unknown  to me it just makes me happy.  Plus did I mention there is an amaing piano cello duet towards the end of this song.  Amazing!! I can't say enough and I can't explain it just listen and see for yourself. 

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  1. My three favorites:
    1. Iron Maiden, Hallowed Be Thy Name

    2. Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell

    3. Queensryche, Eyes of a Stranger